Servicing & Air Fill Prices

We believe in very straightforward pricing, we will discuss any unique needs with you at the point of drop off:

Air Fills: Firstly you will receive a cylinder inspection & health check, your cylinder will be sanitised and filled from our HSE compliant dry air compressor, please check out our “Air Fills – The Facts” page, do NOT settle for a poor fill, it’s only your life & cylinder health.

232 Bar (Up to 12L)£5
232 Bar 15L£7.50
300 Bar (Up to 5L)£7.50
300 Bar (7L & 12L)£10

Regulator Servicing: Please check out our “Servicing – The Facts” page, to see the care and thoroughness that is lavished on your regulators.

Full – 1st Stage, 2nd Stage Primary & Alternate, hose & HP pillar service From £72
Intermediate – 1st Stage, 2nd Stage Primary & Alternate service (hoses & HP pillar is checked here too)From £40

Cylinder Servicing: All cylinders are tested to the highest standards at our partner IDEST Service Centre IDEST Reg No 2A/1. Remember to make sure you only fill from reputable sources who can produce a written scheme & quarterly test certificates. Testing normally takes 5 – 7 working days.

Scuba Cylinder Visual Test (if no valve or corrosion issues)£45
Scuba Cylinder Hydro Test (if no valve or corrosion issues)£50
Surface Use (Air Gun) Hydro test (if no valve or corrosion issues)£50

BCD/Wing Servicing: Remember to check out our “Servicing – The Facts” to see how we care for your BCD/Wing.

BCD/Wing ServiceFrom £35

Computer Servicing: Let the Pro’s handle your precious computer or dive watch, check out our “Servicing – The Facts” (did we mention that already 🙂 )

Full Service & Pressure Test From £25

Now relax, your precious scuba kit will be taken care of, the highest standards apply always, it’s the Stellar difference.

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